Neo Iqbal brothers is one of the biggest pharmaceutical distributors in Punjab. We founded this company in 2008 with a strong belief in mutual growth with our valued customers. Over these years we have increased our distribution coverage and our customers tremendously. Our vision is to achieve the highest sales volume and become the market leader among all the distributors operating in Pakistan. Our aggressive sales team has consistently over achieved the targets and we have always met the desires of our esteemed clients. Due to the prime location of our ware house/ office at main GT Road Gujranwala we have competitive edge over other market players. Inventory management at NIB is very much satisfactory and up to the mark. Our warehouse facility is fully equipped with modern tech such as temperature controlled rooms,counting machines, durable shelves, highly uncontaminated area. Our sales team is fully equipped to meet the assigned targets on monthly basis. Our performance in the market is sales driven and yet it forces the top most pharmaceutical companies to become our business partner and increase the sales growth. Since the inception of Neo Iqbal Brothers our customer’s database is increasing. NIB has achieved several awards for achieving the highest targets in the market.

CEO Message

Our mission is to provide our customers with quality medicines in a service-centered environment. Our dedicated employees and skilled staff take this responsibility very seriously. This commitment to our mission is not just a statement posted in our departments, but is a conscious part of the culture that has been a part of our business for last 8 years. NIB is proud to be a competent distribution network and we want to continue to provide the full spectrum of services that our customers need and expect. Our goal is to serve our internal and external customers better and we remain focused on improving from one day to the next. With our employees' and our field Staff's commitments to our mission and vision, NIB will continue to accomplish great things for people whom we serve.